Everything you need to know about Chat Online Live and the features we have available for you.

Learn more about why Chat Online Live exists and how to use our chat room features. Although our chat room features are quite self-explanatory, here are some explanations on how and why our chat site works like it does.

Registration is free and members can access the following chat community features:

  • Chat in our members only chat rooms.
  • Chat with any other member in a private chat window.
  • Join any of our video chat rooms.
  • Create your own private one to one video chat.
  • Create your own group video chat room and invite other members to chat on cam.
  • Chat with strangers one on one with our random video chat.
  • Upload your own avatar and profile cover.
  • Become discoverable in the members list.
  • Add friends to your friends list.
  • Send offline private messages to your friends.
  • Share files of up to 1GB in size in our group file sharing chat room.
  • Want to be private? No problem, you can change your privacy settings.
  • Keep your chat handle and use it throughout the community.

Open Chat Room

There should be a place on any chat site that allows anyone to chat with or without registration. The main reason for this is to introduce new chatters to our community and our members. The Open Chat Room is the starting place for most people, accessible by anyone, guests and members. If a visitor wants to learn more about the community before creating an account, they can find out from other chatters whether registering is what they really want to do and if the community is for them.

The Open Chat Room is also very basic, text only chatting. This helps fight against any unwanted webcam publishing that others may or may not want to view. It is an introductory chat room for anyone interested in chatting or progressing to become a member of our community.

Members Chat Room

The Members Chat Room is an exact version of the Open Chat Room, however, it is not open to guests. Only registered members can enter this chat room. The reason for this is some chatters enjoy using the basic text chat features without the annoyance of guests entering the chat. Although we appreciate every single person who visits our site, it is always good to have a chat room dedicated to the people who have decided to join our community. Some chatters simply enjoy chatting with members only and as we grow, more friendships are formed, regular chatters will frequent the Members Chat Room, more so than the Open Chat Room.

Group Video Chat

If you have a webcam and would like to chat online in groups using video chat, you can do this here. The Group Video Chat room is open to members only. If you just want to chat with other members who randomly enter the chat room, this is where you will want to be. When you enter the chat room, you are automatically logged in with your chat handle or community username. You can look at this like a video conference room where any member can join in at any time.

My Chat Room

You have your very own personal chat room. When you visit the “My Chat Room” page, you are given a unique link that you can share with other members of the community. When members click your link they join you in your chat room. You can chat with up to 20 other members with video chat at any time. There is a group text chat box allowing you to type and video chat at the same time.

Your unique chat room link is disposable. There are a few good reasons for this. For example, if your personal chat room was identifiable by your username, anyone could enter it at any time. You might not want certain other members in your chat room. This feature is for you to enjoy chatting with the people you want to chat with without the people you don’t want to chat with. All you need to do is copy your chat room link and send it to other members you want to chat with, if they are up for it, they will join you. Refreshing the “My Chat Room” page will give you a brand new unique link to start again with an empty chat room.

Private Chat

This is a one to one private chat. Just like “My Chat Room”, you have a disposable unique link. Send that to any other member you would like to video chat with, when they click the link they will join you for a one to one private video chat. You can also share files and text chat. Each time you visit the Private Chat page, you are given a new unique link to share with another member for a one to one private video chat.

Random Chat

Just like Chatroulette and Omegle and many other random chat sites, we have our own version for you to enjoy. Random Chat puts you into a one to one video chat with a random member. If you don’t want to chat with that member, click next and you will connect to another member and so on. Just like all of our video chat rooms, Random Chat is available to registered members only.

Members Directory

This is where you can find other members and their profiles. You are free to opt out of this by setting your privacy settings, however, opting out may result in a lonely community experience for you. The members directory allows you to be discovered by other members. Your profile is accessible by all members allowing them to add you as a friend and send private online or offline messages. You can browse the members directory and find people with the same interests as you, it is the core of any community to help you build up your online friendships.