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Chat rooms have been around since the start of the internet. Today most people use social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter to chat with family and friends or start discussions with the general public, however, chat rooms offer something very different to social networks.


Chat Rooms are Fun and Open the World!

When you enter a chat room, imagine being in a real room with a door that opens out onto a street. The door is unlocked 24 hours a day and anyone can enter the room. You don’t know who will enter the room next. It is the same with a guest chat room, it is open 24/7 so anyone can enter. This is a fun aspect that you don’t find on any social network. Meeting complete strangers online in groups can open an entire new world. Discover different nationalities and learn new cultures and languages.

At Chat Online Live we hope to give you every possibility when it comes to chat rooms to help you integrate with our community and have fun chatting with new people at the same time. We hope to create a safe and fun community that everyone can enjoy, opening the world of online chat rooms and making them available to everyone.


Chat rooms are a great way to meet new people and make friends online!

When you join a group chat room, you are given an opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds, cultures and of many different interests. Maybe you are a gamer and looking for a partner or team to play online with. Maybe you are single and looking for some company. Maybe you are a musician and would like to share ideas and possibly jam online. Whatever your situation, meeting new people in chat rooms opens up the possibility of new friendships in all areas of interests.

Chat rooms also offer a way of communication for those who may not have the confidence to go out and meet people in the real world. Chatting online is a lot easier for those who lack the confidence to start up a conversation in person. You are able to build up your conversations slowly until you become more confident with the person you are talking with. There is also the element of being able to drop a conversation or friends request without any consequences that you would get in the real world. It happens as standard and people can simply move on to the next person, should they not enjoy the conversation with the current person.


Create your own private video chat rooms.

Free Video Chat

That’s right you can create your very own private video chat rooms! If you decide to register your free profile, you are able to create your own private video chat rooms. It is simple to use, all you need to do is send your unique link to other members, they click the link and join your chat room.

To make sure your chat room is not filled with unwanted chatters, the link changes each time you create a room. You can create a private one to one or private group video chat room for up to 20 chatters. Only people who have your disposable link can enter the chat.


Create your own permanent video chat rooms.

As a member you can create your own permanent video chat rooms and post the link anywhere on the Activity Feed, allowing other members to join your chat room at any time. This is really easy to do and simply involves adding the chosen name of your chat room to the end of a link. You can see how easy it is to create your own permanent video chat room here.


Your personal profile and members directory.

Get your permanent username preventing anyone else using your chat handle. You can upload a custom avatar and profile cover, adding a simple bio so other members can learn a little bit about you. Your profile will be viewable in the members directory so other members can add you as a friend and send private online or offline messages to you. You can automatically enter any chat room with your chat handle, no need to enter your name each time you want to chat.

Our privacy settings allow you to opt out of the members directory should you wish to be invisible or only viewable by your friends. For more interaction with other members, the default profile privacy is set to viewable in the members directory. Only members can interact with profiles listed in the members directory.


Mobile friendly chat site

We have designed every part of our community to work on almost any device, desktop, tablet and mobile. Using WebRTC technology (Real-Time Communications) which is available in most browsers, you can use all of our chat room features, including video chat. A responsive template resizes every element to work with your device screen size giving you an excellent user-friendly experience.


We don’t have a big pointless chat room category list!

Why don’t we have a huge list of chat rooms based around certain topics? As you have the ability to create your own chat rooms, we don’t see any point in adding a list of chat rooms catering for lots of different topics. If you want a chat room based on a topic, you can create your own and post it onto the main activity feed for other members to join. Your disposable chat link will become a permanent chat room searchable and accessible via the activity feed.


Our chat site is open to the entire world! Join our community and meet amazing new people from around the world with both text and video chat rooms. Never before has a chat site had so many cool features that you will love! Register your profile now and enjoy all of our features for free!